The Ivy Box Rekindled

The Ivy Box art studio and viewing room will be under-going many changes after the winter and following months.

Whilst maintaining this historic and funky location, some major renovations and re-structuring are needed.

In the meantime, we are OPEN if the BLUE chairs are out or by appointment; 0273055826 Call Lynda.

Watch this space for a beautiful make-over of this outlet of original art. Owner/ artist Lynda Hensman will be focussing more on developing this space as her own as she continues on her journey of many styles, breaking the rules and delighting people with her unique and varied artistic techniques.

Friends and art lovers are warmly invited to share a little food and a glass of wine to celebrate all of what has been created over the last three years and to raise a toast to past and present artists who have helped to make this amazing and unique space what it is today.

Where: The Ivy Box, 134 Park Street, Queenstown

When: Friday 13th April, from 5:30pm

In the meantime, you can shop online right here or contact the gallery on

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