Introducing Artist Hana Coleman

Artist Hana Coleman will exhibit a range of her artworks for the first time in the South Island.

The talented young artist is 19 years old. The Ivy Box’s ‘New Beginnings’ exhibition will be her first major art exhibition.

“This is my first, big, fancy exhibition, so that’s really exciting for me!” She says. 

“For the exhibition, I am exploring the theme of self-care and self-identification. It’s basically about a Maori person trying to discover things about themselves and their ancestry. How the language is lost and how many Maori people don’t know anything about their whakapapa and their tipuna (ancestors). 

“It’s about how there’s a lot of shame and confusion around learning the language. Especially when, as a Maori person, you’re expected to know the language.” 

About Artist Hana Coleman

Hana Coleman

Hana lives in Kūaotunu (Coromandel Peninsula) and met Ivy Box founder and curator Lynda Hensman while working at a local café with Lynda’s daughter. She’s never been to Queenstown before and says she’s excited to see the gallery for the first time at the New Beginnings exhibition opening (Spring 2021). 

Art has always been Hana’s passion: “I’ve always, always, always made art. I still have drawings of fairy people and stuff that I used to draw as a young kid,” she laughs. 

“Right now, I’m only painting in acrylics. My art is very Maori-focussed and I enjoy making art that’s focused on Maori issues and problems happening in Aotearoa and the wider Maori community. 

“I like acrylics, it’s easy and efficient and I don’t have to wait for it to dry. I don’t have to take long breaks in between painting. But then… I don’t like it because it dries so fast and I like my art to be blended. It’s hard when you’re painting skin and you need to blend that in and it’s already dry!” 

See examples of Hana’s art on Instagram (@HanaKowhaiArt), or see her and her art at the New Beginnings exhibition, at the Ivy Box (134 Park Street, Queenstown)