Summer 2021 Collection

Summer 2021 Art Collection at Ivy Box Gallery

Summer 2021 is here. The sun is shining, the garden is looking glorious, and the Ivy Box Gallery Director and Artist Lynda Hensman has been busy creating new art in her studio this season.

Lynda’s latest artworks feature moody colours, hidden meanings and depth. Sweeping, expressive brush strokes and loose shapes are prominent in this season’s artworks. Natural greys, greens and blue hues are accented with rusty reds and oranges.

Here’s a selection of Lynda Hensman’s Summer 2021 Art Collection. For commissions or enquiries, pop into the gallery or contact Lynda.

Artwork relectsion by Lynda Hensman part of the summer 2021 collection
Reflections is a large-scale artwork part of the Summer 2021 collection, $9,800
Art by Lynda Hensman. Release is a moody grey, black and orange abstract painting part of the Summer 2021 Collection
Release by Lynda Hensman, (SOLD)
Painting of Dove. The Journey by artist Lynda Hensman
Detail from The Journey, available to view at The Ivy Box this summer
Sunset painting. Orange sky and grey mountains. Artwork by Lynda Hensman
Moments in Time (Part 1), $1,800
Sunrise artwork. Moments in Time shows and orange sky and grey mountains.
Moments in Time (Part 2), $1,800
Black Moth painting Layers of Life by Queenstown artist
Layers of Life is another key piece in Lynda Hensman’s summer collection, $1,400