September Opening Exhibition

Get ready to be inspired by fresh, new and beautiful artworks coming to the Ivy Box art gallery in Queenstown this Spring!

Look out for the official notice but the 23rd of September has a nice ring to it!

In Spring, we’ll go back to our regular opening hours. We’ll also have a brand new exhibition with plenty to get excited about. There’ll be a staggered event on opening day, giving everyone the opportunity to drop into our gorgeous gallery, soak up the atmosphere, enjoy new art, sculpture and jewellery, as well as meet Gallery Director Lynda and all the artists contributing to the works in the gallery.

We’re so excited to welcome you back!

Art by Lynda Hensman | Summer 2022

Gallery founder and director Lynda Hensman is an artist who is passionate about authentic art. Her latest works showcase her eye-catching style that’s rich with detail, colour and texture.

Stallion is a 1200 x 910 oil painting depicting strength and depth. Stepping Out is a mixed media artwork about confidence and moving forward in life.

The soft colours and brushstrokes in The Secret Place evoke tranquillity and calm.

Discover more of Lynda’s artworks in the gallery. As the long summer days begin to blaze into autumn, The Ivy Box art gallery continues to showcase local contemporary art that’s outside the square. The gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday or by appointment.


THE IVY BOX IS WELL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, DON’T BE DECEIVED! THE BOYS FROM ‘JUST BUILD IT’ are working hard to make sure the gallery becomes a warm, creative space with once again the most amazing creative atmosphere.

KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN for the grand opening in September 2021. Fantastic art, new sculpture and gorgeous jewellery…


See you soon,



FREE SHIPPING!! Domestic & international

The Ivy Box gallery,  offer free freight &  post using our Local and reputable shipping company ‘Pac & Send’ Queenstown.

Pac & Send provide an excellent service of customising  the Art crates and Shipping.

Providing a safe environment for your Art.

We have utilised their services for the last three years and  can say with 100% Confidence that your Art purchase  is in good hands.

“Professional and Reliable”     Lynda Hensman-




Okay…..Maybe I’m showing off..But who can blame me! Some of my favourite things …. Learning to ride has been a massive challenge for me and Ive embraced every moment! Just as I hope you enjoy discovering a new layer in every piece of Art you uncover through our website and gallery.

3yrs on crutches and so many operations I can’t even remember from an accident that was no fault of our own…( OK,… I did skip the dance to ride on the back of a quite lovely boy’s bike )

#Point, Own yourself, make whatever action you take count , even if you trip up and make a mistake…..

Check Out my Art, there’s more to it than meets the eye!

The Ivy Box Rekindled

The Ivy Box art studio and viewing room will be under-going many changes after the winter and following months.

Whilst maintaining this historic and funky location, some major renovations and re-structuring are needed.

In the meantime, we are OPEN if the BLUE chairs are out or by appointment; 0273055826 Call Lynda.

Watch this space for a beautiful make-over of this outlet of original art. Owner/ artist Lynda Hensman will be focussing more on developing this space as her own as she continues on her journey of many styles, breaking the rules and delighting people with her unique and varied artistic techniques.

Friends and art lovers are warmly invited to share a little food and a glass of wine to celebrate all of what has been created over the last three years and to raise a toast to past and present artists who have helped to make this amazing and unique space what it is today.

Where: The Ivy Box, 134 Park Street, Queenstown

When: Friday 13th April, from 5:30pm

In the meantime, you can shop online right here or contact the gallery on

You can also find out more on our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

The Ivy Box studio Spring 2017

We’re back painting at the Ivy Box studio this Spring 2017! We’ll be open by appointment (contact or you can shop online right here. The gallery will be open Wednesday – Sunday, but as we’re all busy painting, the doors may not be always open… feel free to give us a call/email or pop into the studio if you’re passing and we’ll happily give you a tour of the gallery.

We’ve got work by JAB hanging in the gallery – his bright, quirky artworks are loved throughout New Zealand and we’re thrilled to have him on board.

Lynda has been working on a beautiful new series of paintings, inspired by some recent study sessions. They’re glossy yet subtle, playing with light and depth. Maree has been combing the beaches of Queenstown and has created yet more gorgeous wooden hearts. JR has also been busy – he’s created another great classic hut painting and there’s a blank canvas ready to go on the easel… who knows what’s next?!

See more from all of the artists on our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

The Ivy Box Gallery Winter 17

Brrr! It’s cold here in Queenstown, New Zealand so to conserve energy we’re closing our doors for Winter. We’ll be open by appointment (contact or you can shop online right here.

We’ll also be working in the studio upstairs most of the time, where’s it’s a bit warmer (and closer to the kettle!) If you’re passing by, pop up and say hello. We’d be more than happy to chat about our artwork and give you a tour of the gallery downstairs.

We’ve got exciting plans for the Spring season – more exhibitions, more painting, more creating outside of the square! Watch this space!

The Ivy Box Gallery Autumn 17

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year here in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Cloaked in ivy and creeping climbers, our gallery by the lake has turned a vibrant shade of red as the weather gets cooler and The Remarkables mountain range receives its first dusting of snow.

We love our quirky home on the lakeside, which changes colour throughout the year, according to the whims of each season. We’ve also enjoyed welcoming many visitors from every corner of the world as they drop in during their scenic walk, or specifically seek us out to discover new and exciting Kiwi artworks.

We’ve had an exciting summer season and will be winding down a little over autumn/ winter to reflect the colder days and darker evenings. Our opening times will now be:

Wednesday to Saturday, 10am – 3pm.

Feel free to come and explore our beautiful gallery and enquire about the artworks, which have been created by local artists with passion and ‘outside of the square’ thinking.

We’re currently open by appointment. Just contact Gallery Director Lynda Hensman on 027 305 5826. 

DIRTY LAUNDRY Art Exhibition

The Ivy Box Gallery Queenstown wants your ‘dirty laundry’. No, not your washing, we’re asking you to peel back the layers and share your inner self as part of a raw art exhibition of human truth and emotion.

The Ivy Box Gallery will gather secrets, anecdotes and poetry and transform a selection into a unique exhibition of artwork, in collaboration with talented New Zealand artists.

Your contribution will be anonymous (unless you don’t want it to be). You can send it to us via our website messaging service, which requires your name and email, but this will not be published. You can also send your contribution via our special postcards posted across Queenstown, New Zealand (and even a few internationally).

This exhibition is about getting that monkey off your back, it’s an invitation to release what’s deep inside. It’s a cathartic process to share your inner self, your secrets and emotions.

Experts at converting the inner self, thoughts and feelings into tactile and expressive works of art, selected artists will convert contributions into an art exhibition which will creep across the walls of the gallery. Find out what’s under the skin of Queenstown and the world at our unique exhibition opening 18th November 2016.

Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions will remain anonymous, unless you express that you would prefer to be named.
  • By submitting to the project, you accept that your notes and comments will be used as part of an art exhibition and that our artists are free to interpret all submitted material as they wish.
  • Submissions are sent of your own free will and will not be remunerated.
  • Submissions will not be returned. The Ivy Box Gallery may keep submissions for future art exhibitions or artworks, all submissions will remain anonymous.

Submission box locations

Queenstown Library (Queenstown Lakes District Libraries)
Fluid Queenstown
Otautahi Tattoo Queenstown

Lakes District Museum

Cinema Paradiso

Invercargill Library (Invercargill City Libraries and Archives)
Art Supplies Southland

Pierre Peeters gAllery
The drawing Room Art Supplies

…more to follow. Find the box nearest to you and write down a secret on a postcard, go on, get that monkey off your back!