About The Ivy Box

Lynda Hensman | Artist & Founder

Lynda Hensman’s motto is to stay true to yourself. It’s easy to say, harder to do.

She has an extensive PhD in the school of life and graduated with honours. She was almost expelled at one point for trying to fit in with middle-class bourgeois but was saved by her passion for art, music, food and good wine. It took her a long time to realise that if it’s too hard to fit in, you’re not in the right place!

Lynda Hensman’s own art, and the artists and artworks she chooses for the Ivy Box Gallery, all follow this philosophy. She is honoured to have a space and the heart to exhibit art without inhibition.

Her artwork transpires action and focuses on growth and enlightenment. It’s deep, dark and often imbued with irony and a light-hearted approach to our human idiosyncrasies. The art offers a chance to reflect, challenge or interpret her philosophy. She’s confident you’ll find a story of your own amongst her art.

Gemma McCabe | Gallery Manager

Gemma McCabe is a brand designer and the new manager at the Ivy Box art gallery.

Joining the Ivy Box in February 2024, Gemma made the move back to her hometown of Queenstown in 2023 to enjoy being closer to nature and family. “Tāhuna is my daily inspiration”.

Gemma’s skills allow her to work with a range of brands on a range of projects, from fashion to social purpose projects. Her empathy and personable skills give her the ability to understand needs and goals and interpret them into engaging storytelling. “Design is a rad, collaborative journey filled with juicy problem solving.”

She’s looking forward to creating stories through art with visitors to the Ivy Box.

“Art is a form of storytelling, it talks to us, it takes us on a journey. I love to see our visitors go on this journey, they listen, they interpret, they fall in love. I’m grateful to be able to help people with their exploration of art and Tāhuna. Our art and place is so special, it’s a privilege to represent and share it”.

The Ivy Box

Lynda Hensman originally opened the Ivy Box Gallery in 2015. The gallery was a space for artists with a unique perspective and passion for art to share their work without inhibitions.

Located on the gorgeous Queenstown lakefront, the gallery was housed in the town’s original butcher’s shop. These ancient walls were covered in climbing ivy and Virginia Creeper, giving the gallery a distinctive look. The dilapidated 1970s/80s extension served as an atelier for Lynda and other Queenstown-based artists.

Eventually, the building no longer served its purpose. It was old and cold! So Lynda embarked on a journey to transform the much-loved building, preserving its special characteristics whilst also giving the building a new beginning, a new lease on life.

Re-opened in Spring 2021, the transformed gallery sets a new precedent for original art in Queenstown. The old butcher’s shop has been loving restored and extended with a modern gallery and artists’ residences. The ivy and climbing plants will be encouraged to grow back – though we’ll stop at letting it grow through the cracks in the wall and windows as it used to do!

Visit us on Park Street, Queenstown.

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